Wheelchair Chair

Wheelchair Chair
How exactly do the Wheelchair line/passes work at Disneyland?

I’m going to Disneyland soon with 8 other family members. One of my family members is in a wheelchair. I was wondering how the wheelchair pass worked and how the wheel chair lines worked. I was also wondering how many people, if any, were permitted to go into the wheelchair line with them. I know at some other amusement parks the entire party was allowed to use the wheelchair line but I haven’t been to Disneyland with a wheelchair before and wanted to figure it out before I went. Thank you!

It used to be that the wheelchair and up to 10 guests were permitted to enter the attraction through an alternate entry point. That sometimes meant they got on faster, and other times no. According to wheelchair postings I’ve read, the Pirates wheelchair access was always much slower than the regular line, and The Haunted Mansion wheelchair access is just goofy requiring the person remain on the vehicle past the exit and come back around to the loading ramp, then ride the stretching room back up (as it unstretches).

Now, from what I understand, the wheelchair and perhaps an attendant are permitted to use the alternate entrance and wait by the load area while the rest of their party waits in line. When the two groups meet up at the load area, everyone boards together. Some attractions, namely Nemo Submarines and the Sleeping Beauty Castle Walkthrough, offer alternate experiences for wheelchair bound folks who would be unable to navigate the many stairs involved.

California Adventure was built to be wheelchair accessible, so there are no separate entrances for wheelchairs.

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