Wheel Battery

Wheel Battery
hooking up an amp to the wheel well battery??

i have a 2001 dodge stratus, i have two 15″ memphis subs and an audiobahn 1500hct amp. the battery is locate in the wheel well of my car and was wondering if i should some how run my amp power cord to the bat. directly or do it somplace under the hood. and if anyone has any tips on runing the wires for my car please anyhelp would be appricieated

Most of the time, there is a jumper spot on the top side of the engine. it will be located near the battery, but on the top with a red cap. This is where you would normally hook jumper cables to in the event you would need to use them, you can hook your power wire right to this spot if you want to. It is a 4 guage wire that goes from the battery to that terminal usually, but be advised, it is better that you go directly to the battery. The factory system was designed to pull amperage from that wire and adding an additional draw to that wire can result in failure or drop in voltage.
Pretty much, if your amp is pulling more than 40 amps of current (not watts), then the safest way to go is directly to the battery. I have in the past installed power to that location before on smaller amps and 4 channel amps, but be careful.
Hope that helps!

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