Van Handicap Van

Van Handicap Van
Handicap van with weelchair lift?

My cousin lives in North Carolina and has an invalid son, she can bairly afford food and the whole family helps her out. How can I get her a new van for her and her son. Isn’t their some organization that can help her?

GreemaSew: i need for you to find out where we can get some help for a new van for cousing kathy in north carolina
GreemaSew: she needs one with a lift to transport her invalid son

Every state offers Independent Living Centers, which provides services and programs to individuals with disabilities. Every ILC offers “information & referral”. They can tell you what types of funding and grants available in the area.

you can find the one in your cousin’s area by going to this website:

1998 Toyota HiAce Handicap Van 4WD