24v Scooter Battery

24v Scooter Battery
On a 24v electric battery powered scooter using a 2 lead acid batteries as power,why cant you….?

have sum form of an alternator to recharge the batteries as you travel, as opposed to having to recharge them with a charger at your home?
a double pulley with the one pulley that powers it and the other recharging it? that could spin an alternator.

You cannot use the batteries for power and recharge them at the same exact time, but there is something called regenerative braking. When you want to stop, you use the motor as a generator and recharge the battery. This takes the energy that would be wasted with brakes and puts some of it back into the battery. You will always have to recharge the battery at home eventually (or use a solar panel). It is impossible to get back all the energy you used to get moving. Some of it is lost to air resistance, wheel bearings, heat in the motor and battery, etc.

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