Invacare Electric

Invacare Electric
Any Opinion or Experience with this Electric Scooter?

Looking into purchasing a scooter for hubby. Cost is a big factor as to whether we can buy. In the meantime, have come across on eBay the following item:

Invacare 2007 Collapsable Blue Lynx 4 Wheeled Scooter
Model: Invacare #L-4B

Here is the link:

Please let me know – from experience – what works best…even any suggestions for other brands you’ve tried.

* I need affordable ! Under $1000 total cost (includes s&h)
* I need one that I can break apart easy and put in back trunk of my Nissan Murano
* Need a model that is able to accomodate someone who can not bend legs well, and the steering bar needs to be minimal obstruction (so knees don’t get crushed or banged up)

Thank you ahead of time for your suggestions!
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I have used electric scooter through out my life and have found many to be clapsable. I have the disability Cerebral Palsy. I have used Shoprider scooters in the past and found them sturdy an dependable. Depening on your husbands problem a 3 wheeled scooter is more clapsable than 4 in alot of cases.

As for the the Ebay Item in question I would be careful, items like medical equipment Wheelchairs walkers scootersthe expense usually comes it the S&H cost and jumps alot.

Also, before you go spending Money check with your Doctor and see if he will write a persciption most of the time insurane will cover things like this.

If you can not wait for insurance, often times you can find used Medical equipment, such as. scooters, wheelchairs, walkers in the newspaper or pennysaver for the price range you are looking for. If bought through loacl means you usually have the option to go look at it before you buy.

If you buy local or over the net make used make sure the batteries are “New or Like New” replaced. Also, make sue the batteries are sealed Gel cell (very important.)

If a scooter says it will go 24 miles one way or a day, it is a bit deseptive, rule of thumb cut miles in half. (12 miles out +12 miles back = to 24 miles) When the say 24 miles They are often refurring to a flat surface. No hills or driveways.
(learned from exprience)

If you are driving somewhere in a car first the miles are more forgiving.

Anymore help needed email me.
Good Luck,

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