Golden Position Lift

Golden Position Lift
I have a puppy Golden Retriever with a curly/twisted tail. Aside from surgery, is there a way to fix this?

The breeder said that he was born like this and it was caused by the way he was positioned in his mom’s uterus.

He does not seem to be in pain or discomfort but he can’t straighten his tail or lift it up.

I tend to believe the breeder. Since there is no breed of dog within the Golden’s history with a curly tail. So no it can’t be a any kind of genetic abnormality!

It happen sometimes with just the way a pup is in the uterus. Especially if it was a bigger litter, or if the mom was on the smaller side of breed standard. Over crowding in utero and sometimes cause a minor problem with a pup or 2.

I would just let it be and allow the dog to live a normal happy life!

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