Chair Wheels

Chair Wheels
What can i do to have an office chair with broken wheels slide easily on wood?

I have an office chair where 2 of the 5 wheels are broken and do not turn easily, but i still want to keep the chair. Other than replacing the wheels, how would i get it to slide easily on a hardwood floor without scratching it up, and still be able to move around while sitting in it? I’ve tried putting a rug underneath it, but that did not help much. I also tried using some carpet-bottomed casters, but that made it worse. I’ve heard of using tennis balls over the wheels, but I think the wheels are too big for that.

If you go to your local office supply store (Staples, Office Depot, etc.), ask them to sell you the plastic floor protector for office chairs. They have them for carpet (these have little pointy spikes underneath) and they have them for floors. You’ll still be able to move your chair and you won’t harm your floor. Here’s what I’m talking about:

That being said, it would probrably be less expensive for you to change your wheels.

If neither of the above are possible for you, consider putting some big, warm, wool socks or slippers on your wheels.

As for tennis balls, they also sell these at Canadian Tire and Office Depot. You may have to enlarge the opening a bit, but the wheels themselves should fit once you’ve done that.

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