Caravan Wheelchair

Caravan Wheelchair
Whats Haven Hafan Y Mor Pwllheli like for disabled access?

Booked a weeks holiday in disabled caravan. I assume that since Haven have adapted caravans, the site is OK for getting around? Anyone advise what the site is like for getting around in wheelchair? Disabled toilets, food venues , beach access etc? Booked Diners Choice for meals, whats access like for that venue? Also, what about surrounding areas like Pwllheli itself or local places of interest. Contacted Pwllheli tourist office but they don’t have any leaflets or information for the disabled visitor. Its the only tourist office I have ever dealt with which has no advice available!

Hi there,

Well having stayed there, although all be it not as a disabled person, I can tell you that it will be very good. As the former Butlins Holiday Camp it really is very big and was revamped a couple of years ago when it became Haven. Haven are owned by Bourne Leisure who also own Butlins, British Holidays & Warners, so they do know what they are doing in the holiday industry.

The whole area is really lovely, you are not in Pwllheli you do have to travel a couple of miles. If you get the chance drive to Morfa Bychan (turn left at Woolworths in Porthmadog & follow road) and when you get to that massive beach you can drive onto the beach, there are sand dunes it really is wonderful. I have included a link of the old Butlins for you just to have a look at the layout of the grounds.

Any questions about the camp or access to the beach from the camp simply phone the camp direct cos they will know: 01758 612 112

Have a great time and you will!!.

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