Power Wheelchair Used

Power Wheelchair Used
can i borrow/rent a wheelchair?

well i live in Essex county New Jersey, and i have a disability called Cerebral palsy i need a wheelchair(power) to get around, i am currently having problems with my chair for some reason
when im outside it locs up and wont go up curve cuts sometimes it stops right in the middle of the street(Dangerous) the company (and medicaid)can fix it but they dont have a tempory wheelchair for me to use at the moment..now my chair is my indepence without it i cant go anywhere outside my apt i go to university and because my classes are in different buildinsg sometimes i cant even make them do you know any place(in my area) that lets me rent a motorized wheelchair (Even for a cost)

Wheelchair rental businesses that service Essex county; or operate in Essex or neighboring county:

~~ Rock Ridge Pharmacy ~~
Glen Rock, NJ (in neighboring Bergen county)
Services include: Medical Equipment Rentals (including Wheelchair Rentals)

~~ Available Care Inc ~~
Elizabeth, NJ (Union county) – but they specifically state that they service Essex County
Services include: Wheelchair Service, Ambulette, Non-Emergency Wheelchair Van Transport (MAV)

Bounder Plus H-Frame Power Chair w/ Off Road Package – Hunting