Dodge Grand Handicap

Dodge Grand Handicap
does anyone know of a good pick a part place close to galv. tx looking for wiper motor dodge grand caravan 93?

van was given to my mother, its a handicap van and it was sitting up for 6months, the wipers stop working and i have been told i need a new wiper motor i also need the cover for the rear drivers side back lights does anyone know about this wiper problem and maybe what i can do i still hear the motor trying to do something, no one wants to look at it with out an arm or leg first.

If the motor is moving when it is on and the wipers are not moving……take your hand and push up and help the motor start the wiper motion.
If that works some what, open the hood you should see some levers on the dash. (move the wipers some with the motor working and view the levers) Oil should be applied to all the hinge points as I am sure they are dry and stuck. The wipers should be fine after that.

If not when you come to Houston, you can take one of several exits to Pasadena. On Spencer is a “Pull-your Part” yard with about 40 vans similar to yours. That Pick-a-Part yard” is about 500 yards south from 225 on Spencer and they are cheap…..then there are two smaller “Pick-a-Part” yards near by, with 200 cars or more. You should find anything you need there.
I go there on a regular basis, and the folks there are fair.

This is a simple repair…..don’t spend needless cash on shop guys…..for this type of repair.

Good luck