Battery Xlr

Battery Xlr
I’m trying to build a DIY condenser mic and I’m not sure how to read this schematic. Can someone help?

Hey so I’m building this condenser mic. Here’s the schematic:

I’m not sure if I’m supposed to have a connection where I’ve pointed it out to you because I’m relatively new to schematics.

Also, can someone tell me if I would be able to plug this into my computer or not because I don’t have a mixing board and I also don’t want to fry my sound card because of the 9V battery.

Instead of an XLR connection, I’ll be using the 1/4″ – jack (in) and a 1/4″ to 1/8″ adapter.

Please help me determine if this will work. As I said earlier, I DON’T want to fry my sound card.
Thanks you two who answered. This helps me gain a lot of knowledge and leads me from misinformation to valid information.

I am fairly certain that what you are using is an electret microphone and not a condenser (capacitor?) microphone. A condenser microphone needs the charge replaced with long time constants so the bias resistor is very large (100 megohms to tens of gigohms). An electret microphone only needs to provide current for the built in amplifier so the actual value is much more reasonable. 2.2k would be a suitable value and the isolating capacitor of 10uf sounds right.

Not clear for the 1000pf capacitor but it is either because there is local RF sources or it will be an attempt at top cut equalization. I doubt it does much.

In fact, you would be able to plug this into your soundcard mic input directly as they are designed for electret microphones.

Should try to stay away from adapters. Just more connections to go wrong.

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