Phil Phil Wheelchair

Phil Phil Wheelchair
Who is your favourite EastEnders character? Why?

Mine is Dot, love the way she speaks, hilarious! and the fact that she seems so judgmental but has a heart of gold.
By the way, i am in australia and our episodes are quite behind, Dot is in a wheelchair after her accident, and has just found out that Joe was in prison with Bert, Cathy just died so Ben is being fought over by Phil and Ian… feel free to add any little updates of current storylines! I am obsessed with EE!

There is so much to tell you!!! Where to start!!???
Ben ends up with Phil in the end, Ian gets remarried, Pauline gets murdered and Dot is still with us!
My fave character is Stacey – but you will have to wait to find out why!

Phil in wheelchair thru eastbank club in chicago