Mobility Battery Charger

Mobility Battery Charger
i have a Pride Legend mobility scooter and I’m having a problem?

with it not getting the milage it should get. I called Pride and they said to check out the batteries and the charger. I did at a battery plus store. they said that the charger was working and the batteries were getting the charge and in ok condition. I left the store and after half a mile , it quit on me. I have moved out of state from where I got it 2 years ago. what could be the problem? I had the breaks replaced and got new batteries 4 months ago. Friend says that I propbably should get new batteries as they may not really be charging fully and they can be weak. Advice please. ty

It’s possible that the battery connections are not very good. Since you had the batteries replaced just a while ago, it’s possible that the connections weren’t very tight and some corrosion has occurred so that now the batteries don’t receive a full charge. You should have someone clean the battery and cable contacts and make sure they are tight before re-assembling the covers.

Also, since you had the brakes redone, it’s possible that they aren’t properly adjusted. They may be overloading the motor and running your battery down. It sounds like your shop didn’t check the brakes, so maybe they need to.

Finally, some batteries just don’t last sometimes. It may be that you really do need new batteries again, but I’d make sure that the connections and brake adjustments are perfect before going for another set of batteries.

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