Hub Phil Wood

Hub Phil Wood
Phil Wood hubs vs Dura Ace HB 7600 NJS hubs ?

Well, I had these babies for around 5 years now. The phil high flange hubs were great during commuting and harsh weather/street ride and the DURA ACE HB 7600’s were great in the track and also AlleyCat Races. Now, sadly I have to choose one wheelset as I am getting rid of extra things that I won’t be using. Unfortunately I sold one of my beloved frame already; a Dodici Special ;( !

Which should I keep ? the Phil Woods or the Dura Ace hb 7600 ?

Phil Wood – Laced to a Mavic MA-3 w/ DT SWISS competition spokes.

Dura Ace HB 7600 – Laced to a Mavic Open Pro hoops w/HOSHI NJS spokes.

Not even close. Keep the Phils.