Heritage Chair Lift

Heritage Chair Lift
The Right Reverse Camber Board..?

So I am an all-mountain, loves tree riding and big deep pow fields. I only have two speeds: fast and chair-lift. I have been riding the same board for the past 4 years until I de-lam’d the back on a tree 🙁 , but it is time for a new one I guess. So…I am looking at a couple reverse camber boards. You tell me

I’m 5’11, 175, Boot Size 11
Should I get the:

Never Summer Heritage XR 156 W


Lib Tech’s Dark Series 155W


They’re both good boards. I would get the Dark Series because it also has magna traction which cuts through snow and ice like butter and holds an edge amazingly well when you carve

the Lib Tech Travis Rice is another board you would like for the kind of riding you do

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