Grand Handicap Van

Grand Handicap Van
would monarch hand controls be compatible with a 1990 dodge grand caravan?

I have an old 1990 dodge caravan van but it is in very good condition, sat in a garage most of its life.

I need to install handicapped hand controls for a paralyzed driver in my family.

I found a cheap set for sale used. They are
Monarch Model 1-A handicap hand controls

Before I buy them, how can I find out if they are compatible with my vehicle?
What kind of bracket mounts would it need?

This question is a long shot. If you don’t know, it is ok. If you think you know of a website or something where I could look it up, let me know. Or even the phone number to a dealer or company I could call and ask questions? I called my local dodge dealer and they said they had no idea. I called my local health care medical supply company, and they said they would only help me if I buy controls from them. My mechanic doesn’t know either.

Any clue where I would begin even looking for the answer?

A local mobility needs provider/installer should be able to order the correct brackets for you if they’re different for your application. Might consider letting them install it for you also so you know it’s done correctly. I’d expect about $200 for brackets and labor to install them, but that’s just a guess.

Many dealers (especially smaller ones) don’t have any dealings with mobility installations, and haven’t got a clue about them since they just don’t get that kind of request very often.

The best thing to do would be to look in your local phone book for listings under the category “Persons With Disabilities Assistance Services ” and call a few of those places. If the only one listed is the place you already called, do a search for other local cities to find someone else.

An online search for “MPS Monarch Mark 1-A” pulls up all kinds of places who sell them. Could add your city and/or state to possibly get local results.

Might also consider getting a Bruno pivoting seat, those things are great for getting in and out. No idea on the price, though.

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