Wheelchair Power

Wheelchair Power
I use a power wheelchair so I don’t get any exercise… Now, what’s the maximum of Calories I should eat?

If I want to eat junk food a few times a week without gaining weight… (Hey, I don’t pig out on junk food, I probably eat about the equivelant of a cookie a day.) What’s the maximum amount of Calories I should eat a day? (Keeping in mind that I use a power wheelchair so I don’t really do anything to burn off Calories.)
So.. Exercise aside, let’s stick with the amount of Calories for consumption.

Well that depends on the size of your body, how much muscle you have, and how much energy you expend during the day.

If you speak to an exercise physiologist they should be able to determine all this for you and create a chart as to how many calories should be consumed each day.

Ryland using Power Wheelchair