Wheel Chair Lift

Wheel Chair Lift
How to people in wheel chairs (or disabled people) ?

escape from buildings? You cant use the lifts and the only thing they have is the emergency escape stairs right?
So what happens?

A close friend who is a fireman and fire safety expert, said “Generally lifts etc should not be used in a fire, but it there is a person who is in a wheel chair or limited mobility, then he would and has put the person into it, letting his colleagues know that the lift is coming down with a disabled person, so they can get them out quickly, other wise he will carry them down, or use evacuation chairs if available”.

Usually the person is carried down by a person/s who is will to help get them to safety, or if the person has upper body movement, can sit on the step and bottom hop down the stairs, and another option is the person waits at the top of the stairs, and wait for trained personal to carry them down. Some place may have evacuation chairs strategically placed in the stairwell.

In Australia each state has specific OH & S rules including fire evacuation plans, and evacuation of people including those with disabilities, and each work place should have regular fire evacuation drills, fire safety equipment checks and evacuation point set out, and should be included in the induction to the workplace. Some states may require that any building with more than two flights of stair have to have evacuation chairs (I am not up on the legislation for each state).

So you should check what your state OH & S regulations are, as well as what the workplace has on fire safety. I would imagine that if a workplace or building is wheel chair friendly then if would be equally equipped to evacuate the person.

All fire equipment, extinguishers and fire evacuation exits etc are checked regularly by a qualified person, to insure they are in operational order or free from obstruction. (my friend does this as part of his job)

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