Twin Wheel Chair

Twin Wheel Chair
need gift ideas for 5 years old twins birthday.?

ok im to go to a party for a friend of mines little girls, they are twins and will be five and i don’t know what i should get them. have asked a few people but still am unsure. one of them has health problems and is in a wheel chair. the other is not and is fine. the girls don’t like the same things. but i was told by other people that i should still get them the same thing and in the same color so that they don’t fight. do you think that is the best thing to do? should the gifts be aimed at the disabled one more then the one that isn’t or should i just get them each something different ?

I have twin 4-year-old girls and a lot of people (including us) tend to get them either the same or similar gifts out of fear that they will think one is better than the other. But for Christmas this year, my brother-in-law & his wife bought them COMPLETELY different things (one got a tea set and the other a stuff puppy with carrier). It didn’t phase them one bit and they seem to share those toys better than a lot of others where it became “yours is pink” and “mine is purple”. Plus, I’m kind of tired of having two of everything in my house even if they are different colors!!

If you know what they like and they like different things, go that route. If you don’t know what they like, get things that are something either might like. It doesn’t need to be intentionally aimed more at the disabled child but try to find something that they can swap or share if they want. In other words, don’t get something for the non-disabled child that the disabled child cannot play with like a push toy or ride on of some sort.

Granted I’m saying this with not a lot of knowledge of the disability and how limiting it is. For example, I’m not sure of the disabled child’s ability but if she can draw, you could do something like a Lite Brite for one and Crayola Glow Station for the other.

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