Chair Twin Swivel

Chair Twin Swivel
I need bedroom ideas!!!!!!! Please help me!!!!!!!?

Okay, my room is kindof smallish, and im redoing it with my mom. I have a white twin bed, a wooden dresser and side table, a black desk, swivel chair, and a black long side table….i really want to have like a Paris meets Audrey Hepburn in New York idea….i really need help! Please help! and i will take LOADS OF SUGGESTIONS ON WEBSITES! thanks! 🙂
actually im not planning on using my wooden dresser or wooden side table so all of my furniture is black except for my bed which is white…

I am thinking that you need very bland colors in the room…such as gray, muted peaches and pinks.
You can start off by getting either a poster or some artwork that has a picture of the eiffeil tower on it and/or a poster of Audrey Hepburn. The sheets on your bed should be like a light gray color or a muted pink like I said before. Here are more examples and desrciptions for bedrooms.

swivel chair boat ride video 1