4a Power Charger

4a Power Charger
Laptop charger help!?

I own a HP Compaq 6715b laptop. The charger is knakkered and I’m trying to find one that matches all the specifications of my current charger. This has proved v.difficult but i’ve finally found one that matches all the specification but ONE.

* Input Voltage Range: AC 100V – 240V 50-60Hz
* Input Current: 2.4A <<< THIS DOESN'T MATCH * Output Voltage: DC 19V * Output Current: 4.74A * Power: 90W * Devices only draw as many amperes or watts as they need. Does this matter?

An IGO charger it is a multisystem charger that works with almost any device i got one after my dog chewed up my charger


Video – 4A – Super Charger.AVI