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Chair Parts Lift
Do these sound like MS symptoms?

Transient (Lasts a few seconds and happens a few times a day) feelings of hot water running down my legs (both sides)

Eye strain that comes and goes. This has been ongoing for two years (both eyes)

My grandmother and great grand mother on my father’s side both had MS. It spontaneously disappeared after they were confined to a wheel chair and unable to speak well for a few years.

I am a bit worried especially because lifting weights and running are major parts of my life.

I had the water running thing really bad. It started in one leg and gradually over a couple of months went to my arms, hands and so bad down my back I could hardly feel my upper back.
I went and had a brain scan and lucky for me it came up clean. The specialist told me it was a connection problem between my nerves and brain, it was being interrupted for unknown reasons, he said he had had a lot of people in with similar problems but it does actually go away in a few months. It did go away but I still get it – only slightly on occasions.
I think really it may have been cleaning chemicals, as at the time we moved house and I bleached the bathroom at two homes and cleaned a lot with chemicals. Even now if I do use the exit mould or bleach my leg starts to tingle soon after. Weird. I am not saying that it is chemicals, but I just use less now, just in case.
As for the eye sight I would get that checked first, you may need reading glasses – it could be eye strain.
I would get it checked if you are concerned, MS can come with some weird symptoms, but the only true way to tell is by getting an MRI or similar on your brain, MS shows up as a white layer around the brain that is damage that the disease can cause.
You may not have it, don’t panic but get some advice. My doctor said they don’t really know what causes what I had, but he was right it did go away but it took some months to go – was very scary and hard to sleep at night while I had it.
Hope you are clear of MS, keep your chin up!

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