Wheelchair Scooter Battery

Wheelchair Scooter Battery
Can I use a solar panel to charge a deep cycle wheelchair or scooter battery?

I have a solar panel with the following specs:

Material: Monocrystalline

PM: 2w

Voc: 22.28 V

Isc: 0.15 A

Vmp: 18V

Imp: 0.14 A

Size: 14.9cm x 15.5cm

Gross weight: 0.3 kgs

Max system Voltage: 1000v

and I want to know if I can use that solar panel to charge a 7 amp, 12 volt electric wheelchir battery or if I have to buy another kind. It is for use on a blackout to charge my laptop, and stuff. I have a dc meter and input, but do I need an inverter? Thanks. I would appreciate it if anyone could answer any part of this question.

I’m not positive, but I think the other answerer might be a little off. You really should check either the manual if you have it (for your panel) or research it on the net and try to find it. It should say what to use it on, and what not to use it on. I can’t answer your question either way just from my head knowledge, but i do know that voltage means little compared to amps. Amps is what will charge or overcharge a battery to a dangerous level. If I were you I would ask a reputable source and not an anybody’s-guess website like this. You dont want to get hurt, that’s for sure. Good luck.

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