Series Handicap

Series Handicap
Taking a PDEs course without having had advanced calc?

I’m thinking about taking a PDEs course. I haven’t had advanced calc but I hear it’s helpful. In what ways would it be helpful for understanding introductory partial differential equations, Fourier series, etc.? Is it a huge handicap not to have it before taking this course?
By advanced calc, I meant an introductory analysis course and not introductory calculus. In other words, a more theoretical treatment of calculus, for example, what you would get in Baby Rudin or a similar book.

It depends on what you’ve already covered in your “non-advanced” calc classes. When I took calculus (back sometime in the Jurassic), the advanced calculus course covered multivariable calculus (e.g., partial derivatives, multiple integration, vector calculus, etc.) Without having covered these topics already, you will be completely lost in a course on partial differential equations. Don’t do it.

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