Jazzy Electric

Jazzy Electric
What is the difference between the electric bass and electric double bass?

I play electric bass and I want to learn the double bass, but I’ve heard that there is also an electric double bass.

What is the difference soundwise?

I am interested in playing psychobilly or jazzy kind of music but I’m not sure which instrument to pick up or if there is that much of a difference(soundwise) between them anyways. Any opinions, experience with either, tips?

An electric double bass has many of the same tonal characteristics as a double bass, but being electrically amplified has its own unique sound. The sound tends to be a lot “brighter”. Amplifier tone controls can alter the sound of an electric double bass very close to that of an accoustic — and with effects to that of a fretless bass guitar.

If bowing is a consideration for you (I don’t think it is) that can be tricky with an electric because the pickups and preamp will pick up some of the high scratchyness that wouldn’t resonate in the accoustic’s sound box. An eBow might be better, but again a lot of experimentation. Some electric uprights do have small resonance chambers which give more of the traditional tone.

Okay, checked with my brother (bass player for 25 years) and he says that they’re (1) expensive; and (2) the tonal qualities depend a lot on the manufacturer — the pickups and their electonics. So it’s difficult to say much in general. He likes the ones where you can take out the upright’s bottom post and have the option to sling it like a bass guitar. For the most part, I think a fretless bass guitar would serve just as well as an upright electric bass. Try them out if you can, and see what you like.

Hope that helps

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