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How to remove black Sharpie from leather seats?

We allowed a group to borrow our van for a running relay this weekend, and we got it back and are very unhappy to say the least. They borrowed it last year and it was returned fresh from the car wash with everything vacuumed and cleaned. This year though, there’s dirt and sand all over the interior and apparently a couple girls wrote the number of their relay team in Sharpie on their legs. Well, it apparently didn’t dry well enough and they sat down and there are three spots where the number copied itself onto the leather.

I only tried some of my car interior wipes but it didn’t do anything. The van is an Ford E150, so the leather isn’t high grade by any means. But nonetheless, it looks very bad and it’s not acceptable to be there. What are some things that lift the stain and won’t hurt the leather in any way?

Rubbing alcohol is often a good way to remove sharpie. Even hand sanitizer works.

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