Pride Wheelchair

Pride Wheelchair
If a deaf professor tells his class just how great it us to be deaf instead of hearing, is he lying to himself?

Some college professors get offended when you refer to deafness as a disability. But what is it then, if not a disability? Are some people being too politically correct when they say that not being able to hear isn’t all that big of a deal, as like being in a wheelchair would be. But deaf individuals are missing one of their senses and cannot live day-to-day without struggles. I love having “deaf pride,” but at what point do you cross the line in saying that you’re HAPPY you were born deaf, and being hearing poses too much clutter with all the chit-chat you have to listen to. What do we think about this?

they have a right to feel that have a right to disagree…but not to judge..

many people with other disabilities also see it as a gift

saying your own deafness is a gift is not being politically correct–it is having a positive opinioin

being PC means not judgiing people who embrace thier disability

and many people in wheelchairs don’t think its a big deal..

you should not be judged for not liking being deaf–that is what is right for you—noone has any right to be offended by your choice for yourself–as long as you dont impose it on others and their feelings about themselves

Pride wheelchair