Mt Chair Lift

Mt Chair Lift
Has anyone else ever been stuck on a ski lift before?

We were skiing Mt Hood (Timberline) New Years Eve day and our lift shut off about halfway up the mountain. All the visible chairs in front of us and behind us were empty. Personally I think they didn’t realize there was still anyone on the lift. We were up there almost an hour in 12 degrees plus a wind so it was pretty cold. The sun was setting and it was dark by the time we got off of it. Has this happened to anyone else??

They did refund our money but just curious how common this is. They said it was a power failure.

Yes. Many times with 2 evacs. Once, when windchill was well below zero, ski patrol literally threw a tennis ball attached to twine over the lift cable. They then lifted a rope over the cable and attached a t-bar like contraption. I kicked off my skis, threw down my poles and scooted onto the bar. Not fun. No refund (season pass and all) and no free hot cocoa!

Chair Lift in Mt Bullar