Lift Chair Hand

Lift Chair Hand
Does anyone dream intensely-to the point their dreams are more real than when they are awake?

I dream all night-intense, realistic, everyday sort of dreams. I dream if I shut my eyes for a cat nap. I act out motions when I daydream. (Ex: If I’m sitting on a chair in a daydream where I’m lifting a glass, I’ll sort of wake myself up by actually going through the motions and lifting my hand up…) Sometimes my dreams and daydreaming seem so powerful-they challenge my waking experiences. I don’t know why. Anyone else?

Constantly. I thought I was in a plane that was going down the other night. I could actually feel the wind on my face when in my dream the roof of the plane blew off. Real freaky I came to sitting up on the edge of my bed prayin.


Happens all the time

Not good for a pilot eh? LMAO