24v 4a Battery

24v 4a Battery
Is an AC Adapter with different volts and amps from the original safe to use?

I have an older laptop that I stopped using because the I had thought the battery died. Earlier today I found my old adapter and noticed there was a hole in the ac cord and wires were showing, so thinking maybe the laptop is not broken I searched through the house for another ac adapter that was close to it. I found one plugged it in and the charging light came on so the laptop is good. I just want to know if it is safe to use this new adapter, I have included the input and output below. I had it plugged in for around 5 minutes with no harm, no heat and nothing bad to my view.
The Original Adapter:
Input = 100-240V ~ 2.4A 50-60Hz
Output = 18.5V 4.9A

Other Adapter:
Input = 100-120V ~ .95A 50-60Hz
Output = 24V 1.8 A

Please only answer if you have a knowledge of electronics and can help me with this. Thank you.

The If you use the ‘other’ adapter, your laptop will break. You have to use an adapter with the same output voltage, and close the the same amperage. What you are doing is overvoltaging your battery, which will cause it to degrade severely.