24v 4a Battery

24v 4a Battery
Is an AC Adapter with different volts and amps from the original safe to use?

I have an older laptop that I stopped using because the I had thought the battery died. Earlier today I found my old adapter and noticed there was a hole in the ac cord and wires were showing, so thinking maybe the laptop is not broken I searched through the house for another ac adapter that was close to it. I found one plugged it in and the charging light came on so the laptop is good. I just want to know if it is safe to use this new adapter, I have included the input and output below. I had it plugged in for around 5 minutes with no harm, no heat and nothing bad to my view.
The Original Adapter:
Input = 100-240V ~ 2.4A 50-60Hz
Output = 18.5V 4.9A

Other Adapter:
Input = 100-120V ~ .95A 50-60Hz
Output = 24V 1.8 A

Please only answer if you have a knowledge of electronics and can help me with this. Thank you.

Ac adapters are rarely interchangeable.

You need to make sure of three things before you plug an C adapter into a device. voltage, amperage, and polarity. If the V or the A output is too low, the device wont work.If the polarity is reversed, it wont work – just like putting in batteries backwards.

If the voltage or Amperage, especially the Amperage, is too high, you can very quickly toast your device.

Be careful!