Wheelchair Free Shipping

Wheelchair Free Shipping
Did you know Israel Bans Toys & Wheelchairs to enter Gaza?

First off to those who think i’m making this up.. read the BBC article (link below) where they got a disclosure of banned items to enter Gaza … along with toys and wheelchairs they ban chocolate, fruit juice, wood for furniture, canned fruit, …etc all due to the Blockade (BLOCK AID)


Did you know it was this bad?….& To Israelis …How do you support this disgustingly immoral government?

Benjamin Netanyahu (Israeli President) on Freedom Flotilla Aid ships to Gaza – “This wasn’t the “love boat” this was a flotilla of terror supporters.”- Jerusalem Post

According to the World Health Organization, in Gaza one third of children under five and women of childbearing age are anaemic.

Please give this a star …i want everyone to know this because they wont show it on TV.

Free Palestine.

They are putting Palestinians in a ghetto, just like what was done to them.

Israel says it is for safety and maybe part of it is…but not ALL Palestinians are terrorists and children should never suffer because of the politics of grown ups.

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