Volt Charger

Volt Charger
if my port dvd player is 9 volt battery, can i buy a 12 volt in-car charger for dvd’s for it? explain voltage?

there are 12.volt in-car chargers that states for portable dvd’s, but my dvd states on it’s battery pack and on the back that it is DC IN 9 VOLT?? so does this mean i can’t buy the portable in-car chargers that are 12 volts? will i blow it up?? or what?

if its battery powered and the rating plate says its 9 volt then only connect it up to a 9 volt supply. It may work with a 12v supply (after all its not that over voltage.. but the problem is that car electrics are nominally 12v, but often run higher (around 14volt to charge batteries, and drop below 12 volt if the battery is low on power (discharged or you are using a lot of current eg trying to start the engine)

however voltage isnt the olny issue.. you alos need to make sure that the current is appropriate for the device… check the rating plate for the DVD player it should clearly say what power input and what curent it needs. Current is usually expressed as xah or xMa… eg 1500Ma….. which means 1500 milli amp hours (or 1.5 amp hours). given that you say the player is currently battery powered (im guessing then it must use PP9 batteries so it can’t draw that much current

however all is not lost, you can buy leads that plug into a car accessory socket and they include a bit of electronics that converts the incoming power to what you want… try maplin. I have one from Maplin.. a Uniross “UNI15/M”. which will provide regualted power for a range of power outputs. I think it cost about £10

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