Scooter Wheelchair Battery

Scooter Wheelchair Battery
A stupid lawsuit!!! WHO AGREES!?!?


A high school student who uses an electric wheelchair faces three misdemeanor charges for allegedly running over the toe of another student at school. Joshua Martinez told television station KDVR-TV Wednesday that he received a summons alleging assault, battery, and reckless endangerment for the incident at Rangeview View High School in the suburb east of Denver. Martinez said he does not remember the incident. Aurora police could not immediately provide additional information. A spokeswoman for Aurora Public Schools said she could not comment, citing student privacy. A police report obtained by the station quotes a school resource officer as saying Martinez sometimes had been reckless in operating his electric wheelchair, zipping around corners without slowing. Martinez told the station he uses the wheelchair, which resembles a mobility scooter, because of a form of cerebral palsy. He said does not go around purposely running over people

That is COMPLETE bullshit. I am in the Army, wounded at a medical center which holds the MOST wounded warriors in the entire US Army. I cannot BELIEVE that they would even try to pull that. Some of these guys here are SO damn hurt that they are even in a wheelchair that if they run over your toe you wouldnt even acknowledge it. The kid who got his toe snipped should quit crying, he will walk for another 60 years. This other kid wasnt so lucky. Its not like he decided he wanted to ride around in an electric wheelchair the rest of his life.

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