Dodge Caravan Wheelchair

Dodge Caravan Wheelchair
What is a good wheelchair accessible van?

Price range: $2000-$4500
Van: That can have a manual door ramp for a wheelchair to roll in.

Which makes can have this? Sienna?Odyssey?Dodge Caravans?

What year would the price range match. What would be a rip off?

Looking to buy a van, my bro is on a wheelchair and wondering what to look for. Thanks car experts.
krazybob, there are cab vans that have the manual wheelchair ramp, would be cheaper than a lift… there is headroom.. but most likely not on all vans

You will need a full sized half ton or heavier van – the the compact minivans will not have enough headroom to get a person in a wheel chair in and out of the van while they are in the wheel chair. Most will have a power lift, not a ramp because of the hazards of getting someone in or out when it is raining or snowing.

Dodge Caravan Handicap RAMP