Reclining Chair

Reclining Chair
Where can I find a reclining camping chair?

I would like to find a good camping chair that reclines and has a footrest. I have looked virutally everywhere but am having no luck. I know Ozark Trail brand made a solid one that was carried by WalMart, but apparently they don’t anymore or at least not in my area.
Any suggestions as to where I could look online for one of these? I also need it to be under 40 dollars if possible.

Thanks and God Bless
It’s for boat camping, and they make ones that fold up to fit in a drawstring bag, like any other bag chair. My friend has one that he thinks came from walmart, but my local one apparently does not carry them… this is why i was looking for online carriers. thanks!

Check out www.camping they have several chairs that would suit your purpose..

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