Lift Base

Lift Base
How can you raise (lift up) a tree without moving it?

One side of the enterance to my driveway has a short retaining wall and in the spring, there are blooming plants that pour over the wall – it’s really pretty. The other side is level with the drive, no wall, and I want to make it mirror the other side.

Problem is, there’s a tree there that I don’t want to remove. It’s a mature tree that turns vibrant yellow in the spring and then turns green in the summer. I don’t know what kind of tree it is.

I think if I put a lot of dirt there, around the base of the trunk, I might smother the tree. I thought maybe if the build-up of dirt was done gradually, it might work.

I need to “raise” the tree about three feet for it to work, so the level will match the other side of the drive . Any ideas about this?
Sorry – not three feet; just under two feet will do it.

Its a difficult job but if the tree is still a manageable size then its possible. If the tree is very large then you may need a professional with the right equipment. Though you may not want to relocate the tree but you’ll need to take similar steps since the tree will have to be removed from the ground. I would dig around the base of the tree preserving as much of the root system as possible. Once the tree is out of the ground build up and regrade the area with new soil. Before you replant the tree be sure that the soil beneath the tree is compact to prevent any settling. Once replanted, water well. Plan the project so the tree is out of the ground for only a short time. You may want to ball and burlap the root as well. Here’s an article I wrote for my site

Good Luck

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