Golden Monarch

Golden Monarch
please rate my Monarch / D.D. yugioh deck?

monsters: 22

1x Thestalos the firestorm Monarch
1x Caius the Shadow Monarch
1x Mobius the Frost Monarch
1x Granmarg the Rock Monarch
1x Chainsaw insect
1x spirit reaper
1x D.D. Assailant
1x mirage dragon
1x exiled force
2x banisher of the radiance
1x pitch-black warwolf
1x D.D. warrior Lady
1x helios the primodial sun
1x D.D. Warrior
2x Gren Maju Da Eiza
3x D.D. Survivor
1x Dimensional alchemist
1x golden homunculus

Spells: 9

1x soul absorption
1x nobleman of crossout
1x brain control
1x D.D.R. – different dimension reincarnation
1x lightning vortex
1x inferno tempest
1x burden of the mighty
1x dimensional fissure
1x heavy storm

traps: 11

1x magic cylinder
1x by order of the emperor
1x bottomless trap hole
1x macro cosmos
1x return from the different dimension
1x radiant mirror force
1x dimension wall
1x light of intervention
1x ordeal of a traveler
2x D.D. Dynamite
1x sakuretsu armor
(I forgot about it) =p

pretty nice but you should Add one more shadow monarch , and you should put in 1 more macro cosmos and dimension fissure put in one more chainsaw insect and if you can…you should change your spirit reaper to a marshmellon. I also suggest you putting in a DeMoC it helped my friend alot. 8/10

Herculaneum; Clean Feed Fest; 2010 “Golden Monarch”