Wheelchair Front

Wheelchair Front
How can you get free front of the line passes at Knotts Berry Farm?

Just wondering. My friend said you can rent a wheelchair or something, but idk how much that is. 🙂 So i was wondering if you have any tips 🙂

There isn’t a “front of the line pass” at Knott’s. If you’re handicap, or need to be in a wheel chair, they allow the person in the wheel chair to proceed to the front of the line while the rest of their party waits in line. Once they get to the front, then everyone can get on the ride together.

That was an old trick that hasn’t worked in years.

Some places like Universal Studios do have a front of the line pass that you can buy. It basically costs double the regular admission price.

If more amusement parks were smart, they would start selling front of the line passes. With the economy down as well as attendance, they could make more money that way. They’re already raping everyone with their super high prices as it is, so adding something else people can pay for is not going to hurt anything.

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