Series Wheel Chair

Series Wheel Chair
HELP! Twilight Zone episode!?

in the new Twilight zone series (oo’s-)
it was in season 1

it was about a guy who lived in a little neighborhood and there was a single mother with 2 kids and his friend who was in a wheel chair and others and these 2 people show up in the town and go door to door like Jehovah’s witnesses do and they leave you a tape to watch and the tape would know you name and promise you stuff and the guy thought they were some kind terrorist organization and that it was some kind of conspiracy , he didn’t want them near him and if you accepted the invite a bright light would shine in ur house

and it turns out the people were angels and were trying to take the guy to heaven but since he didn’t want to cuz he thought they were bad he was the only one left and then you hear a sirin and there was alot of wind and it was like a nuclear bomb about to happen or the end of the world or something
what episode is it?

It’s one of the two episodes: either “Chosen” or “Upgrade”.

Episode: 16
Season: 1


Episode: 14

I am more inclined towards “Chosen”. It has to be one of them. I hope this will narrow down your search.

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