Position Lift Chair

Position Lift Chair
how much calories did i burn doing this? PLEASE ANSWER 10 POINTS?

i did a short but intense workout where i went through this circuit (at home) i weigh 112 pounds my height is 5″6 i am 14

i did these chair lift things where i put one leg on the chair, one leg down by the side and lift the leg thats not on the chair towards my chest and back down. 15 for each leg thirty in total

touch lunges- 15 for each leg thirty in total

an exercise where you get in a pushup position but one leg is bent towards your chest then you switch the position of the legs really fast for 30 seconds

and then finish with 50 star jumps

i did cycle twice, how much calories did i burn? some of the exercises mentioned here come out in this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIOVx4MS8oU

2400 kcal approx

PR-756MC Relaxer Medium Infinite Position Lift Chair