Ford Handicap Lift

Ford Handicap Lift
What CDL license do I need in Indiana?

Hi, I’m a youth pastor at a church and we recently purchased a bus from our city through an auction. I need to get my Commercial Drivers License (CDL) for this vehicle, the problem is I don’t know which class of CDL I need. I have tried to contact the BMV and they have been no help. Even the people we bought the bus from have differing opinions! Here are the facts about the bus:

Ford E-450
16 passengers + driver = 17?
Handicap lift and restraints in the rear of the bus
I’m not sure of the weight of the vehicle (or if it’s necessary)
This link should take you to some pictures of the bus: (this should take you to 4 pictures, if there’s a problem let me know asap!)

If you have an answer I would greatly appreciate it!



The Feds say CDL licenses are required for COMMERCIAL vehicles. Some states require CDL licenses for non-commercial vehicles. According to Indiana’s CDL handbook, it appears that Indiana MAY be one of those states, as non-commercial buses are not listed as an exception (page 13). You can read the handbook yourself at the link listed below.

If you are required to have a CDL, you would need a Class C with a passenger endorsement and an air brake endorsement (if equipped with air brakes).

Before trying to get a CDL, I would call the number listed below. They should be able to tell you if a church bus is exempt or not (maybe you were talking with the wrong people).

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