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Bike Hub Phil
Phil wood hubs question?

I bought a redline proline 1980 bike for a friends pap, and it has a set of wheels with phil wood hubs, and araya rims, I know the old vintage phil wood hubs are sealed and are worth some $, but the have some surface rust on the hub in the middle of the wheel, and its hard to get steel wool through the spokes to get to it, what should I use, and how much do you think I should try selling them for?
I have seen just the hubs sell for 350, and thats without rims, but they were mint condition. I expect them to sell for at least 100 to 175. I have a family friend that has been building bikes for 15 years, and he said people dont care about the condition if they want them that bad. He said on a scale of one to ten, ten being mint condition, that they are probably at a 6 or 7. So I will probably throw them on ebay and see what I get, I’m asking this to try to figure out a reserve price.

Use some chrome polish (Mothers will work) and an old terry cloth rag. Cut the rag into 2″ to 3″ wide strips. Put some polish on the hub. Feed the cloth through the spokes and wrap it once around the hub leaving enough on either end to pull back and forth with your hands. Hold the wheel with your knees or put a foot on the rim. The pulling back and forth will polish the rust off and bring the hub to a nice shine. Follow up with a dry clean strip to remove any excess polish.

What are they worth? Depends who you find that wants them. Obviously worth more to the guy that is restoring a period bike and wants period correct hubs.

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