24v Scooter

24v Scooter
How do I remove the sprocket from a Schwinn scooter’s Currie electric motor?

It has 2 holes on either side of the sprocket’s shim that goes all the way through. There doesn’t appear to be any allen screws, grub screws or roll pins. Here’s a picture: http://cgi.ebay.com/Currie-350-W-24-volt-Bike-DC-Electric-Scooter-Motor-24v_W0QQitemZ110346906173QQcmdZViewItemQQimsxZ20090204?IMSfp=TL090204173001r18654#ebayphotohosting

I think it is “pressed on”
put on by machine and can only be removed with a standing press.

a local automotive machine shop will do this for 15 dollars,

the motor is placed on a platform so the gear is exposed up, pressure is applied with hydraulics on the shaft downward to push the shaft and motor down while the gear stays on the platform.
trying to do this yourself, you will probably beat up the gear and mushroom the shaft causing permanent damage.

god luck

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