Wheel Drive Power

Wheel Drive Power
If your truck has four wheel drive in the floor. Why cant you run it in neutral and the one on the column in D?

Its my understanding that 2H means 2wheel drive high range for everyday hwy use. power at 2 rear wheels. I was just wondering if i put the gear shifter on the floor in neutral…and the shifter on the column in drive…will that effectively make the truck only have one wheel driving the truck? Like a standard 4/2 truck
What is neutral on floor shifter for?

No that would be the same as puting your trans in Neutral. when you have it in 2h there is no gear reduction going on ad it would be like you truck is runing in 2wd at the gear ratio the trans has. When you switch to 2l or 4l what hapens is the transfercase acts as a gear reduction box. this would be like going from 3:73 gears in the rear to 4:10 for better pulling power.
In all reality most 4×4 even in 4wd are only 2 wheel drive since they have open fron ends only one side is a drive side in the front and most rears have limited slip difs so only one rear wheel spins most the time.
to get a true 4wd you have to put lockers in both axles.

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