Mid Wheel Chair

Mid Wheel Chair
Would Liberals/Conservatives see this as a good guy or a bad guy?

There is a guy in his mid-30s who is quite gentle and adores making things for children so much that he created a video of himself talking about children’s toys with wheels on them, visiting a kindergarten and commenting on how small the chairs are, how perfect the washrooms are, how much a bus looks like a car…

then he came home and made up a world of a toy bus and cartoon characters… and at the end he stares at the cam and says “I love you just the way you are”….

then he sent it over TV networks so every child can see it.

Is this a good guy or a bad guy?
And here it is

Sounds like Mr. Rodgers.

I always thought he was creepy growing up.

Invacare’s TDX – SP power wheelchair