Lift Chair Table

Lift Chair Table
Chihuahua marking his territory, what do I do?

My chihuahua recently saw another dog lift his leg to pee and mark his territory, until this he had never lifted his leg to pee, always stood on four legs. He used to have accidents but now it seems intentional, frequently peeing on legs of tables/chairs, dirty clothes, etc. Is getting him neutered the only solution? I “yell” as the trainer once told me to scare him from peeing in a certain spot, but it doesn’t seem to help. He stops at the time but then does it again later.
Please help!

Neutering can help, most importantly, clean up! Use an enzyme cleaner to eliminate any trace of pet urine. After that, use confinement tactics. If you can’t be watching him, confine him. Not necessarily a crate, but smaller rooms, or even leashed to you.

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