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How can I get an acting agent? Do I have a good resume?

A couple times in my life I have been asked by some agencies, but I found that they were all scams, kidzmedia, John Robert Powers, although I was asked by Nordstrom to be a baby model, which I was in a fashion show for the new line. I was also asked by this other agency that made remakes of famous shows, but i knew that sounded really fake so I didn’t do it. So how can I get an agent? Here is my resume

3 years of singing
7 years of ballet, 2 for jazz and tap, 3 ballroom dancing
3 years of acting
Over 7 years of Community Service

I have somewhat of a Opera/Jazzy voice, good vibrato and tone.

Asian and partially Russian
Size 6 or 7

Big brown eyes, Long dark brown/black hair, freckles, round/oval face, long legs, tall but petite.

What else should I include? And do you think I would qualify?

You are partly Russian! Me too :).

Well, you do have lots of training, HOWEVR, you need ACTING lessons. Audition for local theater plays, look at various acting schools that offer acting classes ( New Yourk Film Academy for example, has many different programs). After you gained experience, move to LA and start looking for an agent. You will have to mail your resume along with your headshot. You will have to do many showcases and seminars. Also, do you have an image? What types of roles do you see yourself playing? Are you the nest Megan Fox or Ellen Page? Can you sing or dance? Do you want to act in films or on stage? Acting is a very hard career choice. It will take lots of talent, hard work, great look, friends within the industry and luck. Go to SAG and get a list of all SAG franchised agents.


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