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Hub Phil
How do you silence a bicycle hub?

I have a BMX bike and the hub has gotten pretty loud since I bought it. I had my bike for about 7 months already. So, I was just wondering how to silence it. Should I put grease in it or should I put oil in it? I heard that if you grease a hub, it ruins the pawls, is it true? If I were to put grease/oil in it, what kind should I use? And one last thing. Would Phil Wood’s tenacious oil do any good for silencing a hub?

Thank You.

Where I live, there is a particular brand hub which some for the sound/noise generated (music to their ears)

Otherwise, you may try to apply a lot of grease into the hubs to reduce the noise (the pawls can not be damaged by grease or oil)

The more expensive alternative is to replace the noisy hubs

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