Dodge Handicap Van

Dodge Handicap Van
have handicap van. cracks in the frame where was modified are there. my sliding door has gap, 1-inch on top.

my 2000 dodge grand caravan sport had a crack where it was modified. vmi in phoenix fixed it, welded. inside was poorly returned. now, more cracks are there. vmi said, it will secure the cracks, wrong. i have about 1-inch opening on the roof on the electric door. vmi in phoenix isn’t helping me. i wrote and spoke with them many times. my letter 8-8-06 was never acknowledge by vmi nor monmouth motors. i missed doctor today. how do i go about this. i am a 40-year old quad w/3 children. i have to be assessed for an electric chair cause of blood pressure problems. an it be turned in broke. i have no money for a new one, i am on s.s. which way should i turn. lawyer cost me money, vmi, a reputable place won’t reply. monmouth motors chuckles to me and told me to call vmi, after all, he said, customers get what they want. i caan’t get a new and safe van, which way do i turn. i feel deressed when i see my beautiful, unsafe van. my van is my life line. help. pleas

You need some kind of legal representation.
Also report vmi to the better business bureau.

If all else fails, (and I hate to say it) use your disabilty to you advantage, and get the local media involved. Tell them how there mistreating you, and see how quickly people want to help then.

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